Fixing Heckklappe / Haube

This tool allows you to keep in the open position most of the Tail and some cover without having to ask strap or many other things.

50.00 € H.T

Steck - Inflatable Wedge

This Steck - Inflatable Wedge allows you to remove the glass licker safely, while leaving up to transition to your tools.

45.00 € H.T

Door Strap

This  door strap, allows you to leverage your tools by using the door of the vehicle.

23.95 € H.T

PDR Tool Case – Watertight

Hard plastic case with lock and key, but it also has wheels which allows better transport in the workshops.

400.00 € H.T

Combo strap

This Combo strap with her strap provide comfort and power to pry into places where the installation of a ring is not possible.

100.00 € H.T

Hood stand / decklide

This hood stand / decklide is slender special lightweight aluminum, it comes apart very easily. You can adjust the height according to your height for sitting or standing and it fits all hoods and trunk over its casters with brakes allow you to turn your item without having to move your light. This is the ideal equipment for the homeless.
Weight: 11 kg.

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499.00 € H.T


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